Nostalgia 91 Episode 67: Galidor

Check out the new podcast episode! We watched Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension. It was a good time. Super funny!


Some Photos of Michael!

Last week I went out and snapped a few portraits of Michael to get a bit of practice. We’ve actually managed to get out a few times this spring already despite the fact that the snow took so long to melt. Most of these were pretty goofy fun, but I can see myself improving as far as portraiture goes. I may do a more in depth post soon about some of my recent photographic interests, but for now, I’m just going to keep on practicing!


Some Long Exposure Photos

My friend Michael had been wanting to try out some long exposure stuff for a while, so he got together some steel wool, a whisk, and a string, and we gave it a shot! It turned out pretty cool! We got this effect by putting some steel wool inside of a whisk, tying the end of the whisk to some string, lighting the wool on fire and spinning it around. The exposure times ranged from 15-30 seconds. I’ve seen other folks doing stuff like this and it was a ton of fun to try out! IMG_0603IMG_0602IMG_0601IMG_0600IMG_0599IMG_0598IMG_0597

Baghead Photos Part 3

Here’s part three of the Baghead photos! I think these ones were my favourites out of all of them. Finlayson Island was a great location to take some creepy winter photos. This is the last of the pictures for now, but this project has inspired us to try another one once things warm up a bit more. So look forward to more spoopy horror movie inspired photos in the coming months! There may also be a bonus set tomorrow of some funny pictures we took.IMG_0570.JPG