When I was in high school I became very interested in writing. I took the few creative writing courses I could and and wrote quite a few short stories, poems, stageplays and screenplays. I hardly put any effort into pre-writing or editing most of those projects but I did complete quite a few. The year after I graduated high school I moved to the city and got a full time job. That November I succeeded at writing a NaNoWrimo novel. By that point I had learned enough to at least have some character sketches and a loose plot outline before diving into the project. The next year, however, I started university. I studied film and video production at the University of Regina and minored in religious studies. During this time most of my creative writing took the form of screenplays as well as a one act play or two. Amongst all of the assignments and exams I didn’t have as much time to write like I used to though. The year after I graduated I made a short film and struggled to motivate myself to edit it. In the end I screened it at a friend’s screening to a small audience and had quite a lot of fun doing so. Now that I’ve completed my first film outside of film school I’ve discovered that I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of making narrative films. I still quite enjoy the idea of making short documentaries but as far as fiction goes I’ve been much more interested in diving back into the world of prose. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written any short stories and I have been itching to get back into it. Which is why I’m here, trying to start up what feels like my millionth blog. This one serves a very specific purpose though.

I recently read an article written by one of the screenwriting profs at U of R. He discussed his firm belief in a “writing muscle” that you need to exercise every day in order to keep your writing skills strong. I absolutely agree with this idea and am going to exercise this muscle, hopefully every day, right here. It doesn’t really matter how many people read this blog. I doubt many people will. I just need a place to put my writing and, if anyone feels inclined to give some, receive a bit of feedback. Some of the posts will be non-fiction blurbs about the projects I’m working on and some will be micro fiction or short stories. The most important thing is that I write every day and keep getting better! If you drop by and read, thank you so much for doing so! I can’t guarantee that any of the posts will be entertaining. I can promise that they will be consistent though. I’m holding myself accountable and making myself the best writer I can be!


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