Late Nights

Yesterday I discussed writing a bit about Norse Mythology today. I think this is going to wait because I didn’t have as much time to prepare a post like that. Unfortunately that means another slightly rambling free write. This time I’m thinking about my strange sleeping habits.

I seem to go through a large variety of sleep patterns. I am definitely a night owl so I am almost never in bed before 1 am. Depending on what job I have my schedule will change slowly. My last job was at a liquor offsale so I generally worked from 6 PM until 2 AM which resulted in me not getting home until close to 3 o’clock some nights. 4 o’clock if the manager decided to stay for drinks after work. Since I didn’t have much to do before 5 PM I rarely got out of bed early. I slowly edged toward a later and later bed time and got up later and later in the day. Near the end of my tenure at this job I was going to sleep around 6 or 7 in the morning and sleeping until 3 PM. Since I quit and moved back to my home town I have been unemployed and my sleep schedule is slowly getting better.  I tend to go to sleep closer to 5 am now and am up around 1-2 in the afternoon. One thing I have been noticing lately though is that I feel tired and sluggish. I think it’s about time I got into more of a regulated sleep pattern. Maybe even more of a “normal” one. I’ve never been a 9-5 type person but I think an adjustment is definitely in order. I am definitely in need of more of a structured day as well. Not having a job has resulted in me spending much of my time playing video games and watching Netflix. So tomorrow I am going to try to get up earlier and get more done! No more lazing around and procrastinating! I also promise I will write about something much more interesting. Maybe interesting enough that I’ll actually share this blog on facebook.


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