If I could have any superpower…

I generally come up with my blog post ideas on the spot or maybe the night before. I haven’t quite been writing every day so I wanted to be sure to get something done tonight! This post may be a bit of a silly one, but the point is to write every day regardless what I write about! So here goes nothing!

Some of my favourite conversations are about things that really don’t matter. I like talking about what super heroes or cartoon characters would win in a fight. I love playing “Would you rather” with the most unbelievable scenarios you can possible think up. Coming from a group of friends who love comic books and super heroes I’ve also always loved talking about what kind of superpowers I would like to have. Usually when my friends have this conversation we try to limit everyone to one superpower. Otherwise people will make a list a mile long and having every super power you can imagine is just kinda boring. So, how would I answer this question? If I could have any one superpower, what would it be?

My answer changes a lot. I never go with the more popular flight or invisibility answers. Usually I go with teleportation because it would be really handy and fun. My favourite super hero is also Nightcrawler so this definitely affects my answer. I think I’m going to change it this time, though, just for fun. SO! If I could have any one superpower it would be… Psychometry! I have to admit, after pondering for a few minutes, I had to look up what this was called. In my mind I was thinking of characters who can see an object’s history by touching it. I’ve always been really fascinated by this concept. Simply by touching an object I would be able to see everything that’s happened to it or around it. This could turn anything around you into something far more fascinating than you could imagine. A coin or a pebble could have such a far reaching and fascinating history. You could solve mysteries (much like the protagonist of the comic book series Chew, which you should all read!) or learn the history of a person or place in an instant. I know of a few characters in stories and comics who have this ability but I think it’s rather underused. I’m going to to a bit of research and see if I can find some stories featuring Psychometric characters and check them out. It is a really fascinating concept to me!


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