Instax Photos in Whitkow Saskatchewan

Rather than start another blog just for photographs, I’ve decided to turn this one into a blog for exercising all of my creative muscles! I’ll be posting photographs that I take here as well from now on. These photos were the best of some I took on my Fuji Instax 210 in a small ghost town called Whitkow. I absolutely love the look of instant film! The way colours come across is absolutely gorgeous. Although the film itself is quite expensive it seems worth it to me to get the unique textures and colours on this format. Check the captions for some info on the photos!

Curiosity Instax 210 Wide
Tiffany, our model for the trip, had a natural curiosity that made beautiful little moments like these pop up almost constantly. This was a favourite of TIffany and Michael (my close friend and fellow photographer).
Doorframe Silhouette Instax 210 Wide
Michel had Tiffany posing like this for one of his photos and I decided to snag a picture from another angle. I love how the image became kind of a silhouette!
Gears and Rust Instax 210 Wide
I love the look of old, disused machinery. I also love images that play with geometry like this. The colours of the rusted metal and the surprising variety of shapes made this one my favourite of the trip.
Leaving Home Instax 210 Wide
One of the best things about instant film is that it allows you to create very “vintage” looking images. People are so used to the idea of instant pictures being a thing of the past that they will associate them with age. Michael’s truck and Tiffany’s outfit/suitcase made for a perfect family photo feel. This is another personal favourite!
Whitkow Ukrainian Catholic Church Instax 210 Wide
I love religious buildings and history so I loved taking this photo. Unfortunately I forgot to adjust the focal length so it wound up a bit blurry, but I did get a good variety of colour in the image!

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