My new job

I haven’t posted in a while because the last week has been pretty hectic. I was going through the process of being hired by the Sask Liquor board when I made a somewhat impulsive decision to take some online classes in the fall. I put a post on Facebook asking for advice on which professor to choose for a class and a friend of mine saw it. She sent me a message offering me an interview for a position as a summer student at the Western Development Museum. I was hired the same day and dropped my job at the LB. My new job is specifically taking photos and shooting videos for the museum. I’ll mostly be shooting stuff for ads and promotional videos but also possible some short documentary kind of videos. I’m really excited to do this, obviously, because I have a film degree and documentary is a serious area of interest for me. I will have the opportunity to interview some people about the history of Saskatchewan and some of the artifacts in the museum and am incredibly excited to do so!

Today and tomorrow are “Museum Days” which entails hundreds of students from the North Battleford area coming to the museum, seeing the exhibits, and watching demonstrations. Part of my job is helping out in the gift shop so I did some of that, but a good chunk of my day was taking photos around the museum. It was a bit frustrating, though, because we didn’t have signed release forms for any of the kids and therefore couldn’t take photos of them for promotional use. I gave up on trying to get video footage because everything interesting going on had kids involved and running through the shots. So I spent most of my day, and hopefully I’ll spend most of tomorrow, talking photos of volunteers and animals at the petting zoo.

Overall it’s been a pretty cool experience so far. I am feeling a bit of anxiety over the fact that things I create are now being viewed by an employer. This position was created just weeks ago and I’m the first one to have it so there will likely be a lot of leeway but I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about how my work will turn out. I’m employed full time to do this and will probably have my inner critic screaming louder than ever about my stuff. But this is a really great opportunity and it will hopefully improve some of my skills in a big way. My biggest challenge now will be to keep writing and working on creative projects while I work. I have trouble sleeping some nights and I tend to forget to write (like I have the past few days) when I get really exhausted. I am, however, determined to keep going! I have this blog to keep up with and my web serial to work on. I hope this summer will be one where I get to work in my field as well as create some really fun art! Wish me luck, everyone!


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