My First Roll of Colour FIlm

On the trip to Whitkow I posted about last week I didn’t just take Instax photos. I took some pictures on my Pentax K 1000 as well. It’s a 35mm film camera that I bought from one of my classmates in university while I was taking a photography class. That class was a black and white photography course but the first roll I got back from Don’s photo was a leftover roll of colour film. The roll was off 200 speed Kodak colour film, which I haven’t shot since my first year of university. This is the first time I’ve shot colour 35mm as a part of my photography hobby and I was really excited to get the roll back. The pictures are far from perfect, which is exactly how I like them. There’s a lot of grain and I’m getting to chance to see some colours in a way I never have before. I’m still waiting to pick up 2 rolls of black and white film which I will pick up and post in a week or so. I have really been enjoying black and white film but now that I’ve had some fun with colour I think I’ll start shooting more of it.

I’ve chosen not to caption these ones. These are my favourites from the roll and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!











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