Back to School

In the fall I’m going to be taking online classes through the University of Regina. I already have a BFA in Film Production and a minor in Religious studies. I became fascinated with religious studies in my second year of university and once I realized that all of my electives were going to be RS classes minoring in the subject became an easy decision. I decided recently to see how many more classes I would need to get a second major in Religious studies and noticed it was only going to take 24 credit hours. That’s eight classes which I could easily finish in a year. I don’t want to move back to Regina or take out more student loans so I opted to take online classes. Since I’m living with my parents I won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to take a few classes. I won’t be taking a full course load but I will probably be a full time student (3 classes). I’m a bit excited but also a bit nervous. Online classes don’t have a schedule and I can be bad at procrastinating. It’s going to be entirely up to me to keep up on my readings and assignments so it may be a bit of a challenge. Having a regular schedule forces you to get things done. That structure definitely helps. I think I’ll be able to do it though.

I am definitely excited to explore some more aspects of religious studies as well as a few faculties I didn’t have the chance to try in my first degree. I have to take some language credits, a natural science, and an indigenous studies class. I’m very excited to take indigenous studies 100 in the fall. I feel, as a Canadian, it is incredibly important to be educated on the subject and I unfortunately didn’t have time to take it until now. I haven’t decided what my natural science course will be yet but it looks like my language credits will be Cree. I’ve never felt inclined to learn Cree before this but it’s the only language class available online. I’m definitely excited to give it a shot! My actual religious studies course next semester is going to be Gender: Theory and Practices. It’s basically studying Women and Gender Studies from a Religious Studies perspective. This is a hugely important subject to me and one that I think will be central to my work as a filmmaker in the future. Gender, queer issues, and their relationship with religion is constantly changing and being talked about. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a stronger understanding of them after this class.

I like to think, if I keep my grades up, I might be able to get a master’s degree in religious studies someday. It is definitely the subject I enjoy thinking about the most and I am constantly trying to be more critical of the religious aspects of my world. It can be a hot button issue but it is definitely an important one. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of it in a few months!


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