Procrastination has always been a major issue in my life. I’ve tried to find ways around it but motivation isn’t something that comes easily. Some of the best advice I’ve ever read essentially tells you that you shouldn’t wait for motivation. You should just act instead of waiting to feel like you want to. This is what i’ve been trying to do since I started this blog. In order to help with that I’ve made a daily to do list in my phone. It’s small, but it honestly does help. Every day I’m trying to read two things (either 2 comic books, 2 chapters of a novel, or 1 of each) and write something. The writing can be anything from this blog to a story or even pre writing for a project. Unfortunately I can’t say I’ve been able to keep up with my daily reading and writing yet. But more important than anything is the fact that I have honestly been trying. This week I’ve managed to pull it off every other day. This doesn’t seem like much but it’s a big step for me. It seems kind of ridiculous that I struggle so much to do these three simple things in a day. But it is so easy to find other things to do. I wind up spending time with friends, watching TV and movies, and pretty much doing everything but reading and writing. I’ve been getting better at saying “no” though. That’s a huge part of it. I have to be able to say no to friends who want to hang out every day. I have to say no to watching another episode of something on Netflix. I have to say no to playing video games all night. And I have to say yes to reading and writing, which are supposed to be the really important things in my life. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the psychology of procrastination. Maybe I’ll do some research this week and post about it. For now, I’ll take pride in the fact that I’m making progress. Let’s see if I can read and write every day this week. I really hope I can pull it off!

My apologies if this post is a bit rambly. I am quite tired, and wanted to push myself to get some writing done. It feels pretty incoherent, but I do hope to explore the procrastination thing in a post! So look forward to that soon!


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