More Little Willie

In my attempts to keep writing every day I’ve been writing quite a few Little Willie poems. On days where I struggle to write something substantial, which happens quite a lot, I’ve still managed to write a short poem.  And I’m going to start sharing these poems on here, at least every few days! So here are the Little Willies I’ve written recently.

Willie threw his sister grace
Into a burning fireplace
Mother said “Oh thank you willie!
It was getting awfully chilly.”

Little Willie, feeling bored
Mutilated cousin Gord
Mother found the awful mess
“Now, what will we tell Auntie Bess?”

These two are the first I’ve written trying to utilize Willie’s mother, who’s a common character in the poems. Her nonchalant responses to Willie’s antics are some of the most shocking/funny lines. I don’t feel these are the best I’ve written, but hopefully I’ll get better! Here’s one more that I’m writing as we speak.

Willie pushed his young friend Rory
From above the seventh story
He landed with a healthy SPLAT!
A fitting end for such a brat.

I swear to god I’m not disturbed or anything. I just have a dark sense of humour sometimes.


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