Some Limericks

I’ve been making some major progress on my web serial lately so I haven’t been posting on this blog much at all. But I would like to start again, and at least post updates about my writing. So you can hope to see more of that in the coming days! But for now, since I’ve been away from my computer over the holidays I haven’t been working on my serial. Instead my daily writing has been in the form of poems. Including some limericks that wound up being about my parents cats. They are fun and cute and taught me an important lesson about how few words rhyme with Mojo, and how that seriously effects the theme of limericks about cats named Mojo. Enjoy! (My sincerest apologies for the wonky formatting, I don’t know how to use WordPress very well so this stuff is spaced kinda weird.)

There once was a kitty named Mojo
Who trained in a little kitty dojo
He fought evil mice
Who weren’t very nice
That martial arts kitty named Mojo

I know of a kitty named Lily
Who is willing to meow oh so shrilly
For food she will beg
As she pats at your leg
Her behaviour has gotten just silly

I have a black cat who’s named Wesley
Who naps on his belly expressly
He’s really quite fat
But he’s okay with that
Our cute, chubby kitty named Wesley


Instax Photos of a Friend

Life has been, and is continuing to be, a bit of a maelstrom of stress which resulted in these photos not being uploaded nearly early enough. When I was still living in Battleford over the summer my friend Tiffany and I had another photo shoot. There are two rolls of film, one colour and one black and white, that go along with these that I have yet to get developed. For now, here are my two favourite instax photos from the shoot. Tiffany is an astounding model and her personality definitely came through again. I am excited to see how the rolls of film turned out when I finally get around to them. For now, enjoy these lovely snapshots!

This was a really fun photo to take!
I absolutely love the colour of the sky and the silhouettes of the trees in the background. This turned out to be a really fascinating shot.