My web serial is very close to being ready to post! The first chapter is being proofread, and then it will be posted. I am planning to post every second Friday to start. I would post weekly but, the chapters are a bit longer and I want to be sure I have the time to keep up with them.

I had a really tough day the other day as far as my creativity goes. I got a bit depressed and struggled to get any writing done. There were frustrated tweets and tumblre posts made and in the end all I wound up writing was some free verse poetry. It was pretty terrible but it was something, and that’s what was most important. Yesterday was a real turn around though! I wrote a few pages of a re-write on a play. Once I got the ball rolling I got a lot done and had a lot of fun working on it. I think I needed a break from the web serial since it was the only thing I had really been working on for a couple months now. So from here on out I am going to try this when it gets really tough to write. Once I start getting really tired of writing prose I am going to switch over to writing whatever script I may be working on. Hopefully this helps me to keep writing and keep myself motivated!

I’ve also started thinking about recording some of my scripts as radio plays and posting them online. So if you’re interested in that sort of thing be sure to check back here for updates!


Trying Out “Superbetter”

Today I decided to give something called “Gamification” a try. Basically Gamification is using concepts common in games to help motivate yourself and self improve. I think the most well known example of this is Fitbit which challenges you to set step goals and compete with friends in order to become more physically active. I read an article, that’ I’ll link below, on “The Mary Sue” earlier that explained it all. It included a link to a website called Superbetter. It’s kind of a cheesy name, and it involves setting “epic goals,” which make it sound like it was written by a middle aged person trying really hard to be cool. Regardless, I decided to give it a shot because I have a lot of trouble motivating myself. I procrastinate a lot and am really easily distracted. So I decided to try the Superbetter plan for improving my will power! The site gives you power packs that you can use to help with mental, social, physical, and emotional aspects of your life. It uses quests, game concepts like “bad guys” and a levelling system to help motivate you to improve yourself. Mine is designed to help me strengthen my will power, and hopefully stop procrastinating and motivate myself more!

The “epic goal” I set, which will be the first of several, is to write 500 words a day for seven days in a row. And one of the quests for today is to journal about one my habits that could be rewired with enough practice. I am supposed to answer “What would you rewire? Why?”

Well, I want to rewire the fact that I will watch TV shows, play video games, and watch youtube BEFORE I write or edit projects. I wind up spending ages doing stuff that’s just for fun, then lose motivation once I decide I’ve “wasted my day” on these things, and barely get anything done by the end of the day. So I want to rewire that habit! I am going to try to write and edit before I do fun things. I need to earn my relaxation rather than defaulting to it. Hopefully all of these goals and “quests” will help me get where I need to be!






Curiosity Instax 210 Wide

Nothing sparks my fascination more
Than someone who is truly curious
Someone who is unafraid to wander
Into strange new places on a whim

Nothing warms my heart more
Than someone who peeks around corners
Someone who loves to see strange sights
With a beautiful glint in their eye

Nothing draws my lens faster
Than someone with a sense of adventure
Someone who will open any door
Smiling widely the whole time

A Trip to the Clinic

Today was kind of a weird day! I had a lump on my thigh that had been developing for a couple of days. It didn’t seem to be going away so I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor looked at the lump and said “it looked ripe enough to pop.” That phrasing almost made me gag but it meant that he had to proceed. For the first time in my life I had a medical procedure that required me to strip down and wear a medical gown. The doctor made an incision and drained what he thought was an abscess. He discovered that it was actually a pocket of blood and we couldn’t figure out why it formed, other than maybe it was caused by chaffing somehow affecting a vein under my skin. Regardless, it got drained and I had to take a trip to the hospital to get it properly dressed. Then I went to the pharmacy where there was confusion and I wound up wandering around for a couple of hours waiting for antibiotics that cost me a hundred bucks. I’m skimming over a lot of details because I’m not TOO interested in writing a full blog post about my nasty blood pocket, but to make the point that I didn’t get to do nearly as much writing as I had planned today. I will get my daily writing done! But unfortunately just not quite as much of it.

On the bright side, my leg hurts way less now and hopefully I’ll never have to deal with nasty blood pools under my skin again. As far as writing updates, I started working on some poems that a friend of mine may be illustrating! She is working on some drawing to go along with a limerick of mine. I’m hoping we are able to take the collaboration further because I really like the idea of having her art go along with mine. I am also making progress, bit by bit, on my web serial. I’m hoping chapter 1 will be given to an editor over the next week! Which means I may meet my ambiguous “January” posting goal!

So close! Sort of…

I have been really close to being able to post my web serial for a while now. Every time I work on it thought I start to think about ways I should change the format or the story to make it better. Which is good! I want it to be the best it can be. But it does keep adding to how much time I spend writing the first act before starting posts. However, I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where the plans won’t be changing all that much. Which means, once I finish the chapter I’m on it’s just a matter of editing. I am going to try out an editor I found online who will edit/proofread work for a really decent price. I’ve never had a professional editor before so it will be interesting! I’m not the greatest with grammar sometimes so I think this will be super helpful.

It is a bit intimidating to think about starting to post the project, though. I’ve had days, even weeks, where I didn’t write very much. Once I start posting if I want to keep up with a regular schedule I will have to write the second act a lot faster than I did the first one. Hopefully giving myself an official deadline will help keep me accountable though! I’m going to try my best to finish writing the fifth chapter by tomorrow night. I think that will put me ahead of schedule enough to feel comfortable posting.

I have yet to decide whether I will post once a week or once every two weeks, but I will be going with one of the two. I’d like to do weekly, but that may just have to wait until I get into the flow of things a bit more. This post was a bit rambly because I am feeling tired, but I thought I’d post an update. Hopefully I will remember to post more tomorrow!