So close! Sort of…

I have been really close to being able to post my web serial for a while now. Every time I work on it thought I start to think about ways I should change the format or the story to make it better. Which is good! I want it to be the best it can be. But it does keep adding to how much time I spend writing the first act before starting posts. However, I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where the plans won’t be changing all that much. Which means, once I finish the chapter I’m on it’s just a matter of editing. I am going to try out an editor I found online who will edit/proofread work for a really decent price. I’ve never had a professional editor before so it will be interesting! I’m not the greatest with grammar sometimes so I think this will be super helpful.

It is a bit intimidating to think about starting to post the project, though. I’ve had days, even weeks, where I didn’t write very much. Once I start posting if I want to keep up with a regular schedule I will have to write the second act a lot faster than I did the first one. Hopefully giving myself an official deadline will help keep me accountable though! I’m going to try my best to finish writing the fifth chapter by tomorrow night. I think that will put me ahead of schedule enough to feel comfortable posting.

I have yet to decide whether I will post once a week or once every two weeks, but I will be going with one of the two. I’d like to do weekly, but that may just have to wait until I get into the flow of things a bit more. This post was a bit rambly because I am feeling tired, but I thought I’d post an update. Hopefully I will remember to post more tomorrow!


One thought on “So close! Sort of…

  1. Good luck!

    Having a deadline certainly helps. I was in a similar situation towards the end of last year. However, for me it was editing which was taking ages as I kept changing many tiny details forever. So as of January 1st, 2016, I set myself a schedule of a chapter per week and no edits (apart from typos/grammar) once its published. Now I have nine months of writing/editing in front of me. It won’t be perfect (as I can’t afford an editor), but at least I will get it out and get some feedback.

    PS: I can see this being tagged as “Norse mythology”—one of my favourite subjects. Can’t wait to see the first chapter!

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