A Trip to the Clinic

Today was kind of a weird day! I had a lump on my thigh that had been developing for a couple of days. It didn’t seem to be going away so I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor looked at the lump and said “it looked ripe enough to pop.” That phrasing almost made me gag but it meant that he had to proceed. For the first time in my life I had a medical procedure that required me to strip down and wear a medical gown. The doctor made an incision and drained what he thought was an abscess. He discovered that it was actually a pocket of blood and we couldn’t figure out why it formed, other than maybe it was caused by chaffing somehow affecting a vein under my skin. Regardless, it got drained and I had to take a trip to the hospital to get it properly dressed. Then I went to the pharmacy where there was confusion and I wound up wandering around for a couple of hours waiting for antibiotics that cost me a hundred bucks. I’m skimming over a lot of details because I’m not TOO interested in writing a full blog post about my nasty blood pocket, but to make the point that I didn’t get to do nearly as much writing as I had planned today. I will get my daily writing done! But unfortunately just not quite as much of it.

On the bright side, my leg hurts way less now and hopefully I’ll never have to deal with nasty blood pools under my skin again. As far as writing updates, I started working on some poems that a friend of mine may be illustrating! She is working on some drawing to go along with a limerick of mine. I’m hoping we are able to take the collaboration further because I really like the idea of having her art go along with mine. I am also making progress, bit by bit, on my web serial. I’m hoping chapter 1 will be given to an editor over the next week! Which means I may meet my ambiguous “January” posting goal!


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