Loki’s Gambit Starts Friday

I’ve officially set a date! I’ve been wanting to get this project started for a long time and it’s finally ready to go. A friend of mine is proofreading the first chapter. Each chapter will be 1-3 thousand words so I won’t be posting every week. The plan will be to post every second Friday starting on February 12th. The main idea behind this project is to start posting my work for the world to see. For this reason I won’t be getting much in the way of critique before sending the work out into the world. I don’t have too many friends who have the time to give crits right now so I would likely wind up waiting quite a while and not being able to post on time. Keeping that in mind I think it’s turning out pretty well and, while quite nervous, I am excited to start sharing more of my work!

I also have been thinking about other ways to get my creative work out there. I write things that aren’t prose and I am also a filmmaker. I have been talking to some friends about taking some stage plays I have written and turning them into radio plays. If that winds up happening I will definitely be posting them here for you all as well so that’s something you can look forward to! Depending how busy I get with those I was also thinking about starting a youtube channel where I post short documentaries. Documentary film is one of my main interests and I’d love to start working on it more and I’ve noticed that docs aren’t super common on Youtube at the moment. So if I can find some interesting subjects I may try making some very short (very interview heavy) documentaries on youtube. I know this is a lot of stuff going on all at once, but I want to try a few things out and see where they go. So we’ll see what happens with all that!


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