Let People Feel

Valentine’s day is always a really strange experience on social media. Years ago it was a mix of people posting about their partners/relationships and people grumbling about being single. Then, when a whole lot of people posted about their singleness, people got fed up. They started complaining about and shaming people for their complaints. They labelled it “Single’s Awareness Day.” Since then single people have only really been able to post sarcastic jokes about how they don’t like Valentine’s Day but are shitty for not liking it so you shouldn’t be like them. People who DO like the day also currently really seem to love shaming people who don’t like it despite the fact that I haven’t seen an anti-Valentine’s post in quite a while. There are also a lot of people who shame the idea of being anti corporate holiday. Again, I haven’t seen a “Valentine’s Day is a corporate BS holiday” post in years, so I’m really starting to wonder why people are still complaining about this. I think it is all coming down to one thing that has really bee frustrating me this time around.

Valentine’s day on social media seems to be (for a lot of people I have seen) about telling other people how they should feel.

“Don’t mope about being single, it’s annoying.”

“Don’t dislike Valentine’s day, some people like it.”

“Don’t criticize the holiday for being branded and sold, some people don’t mind that.”

I for one am not currently a fan of Valentine’s day. I dislike it because I’m single and not a fan of being single. I’m not going to get into a lot of details about it but I’ve got some self esteem problems and today is always a tough day for me. And this year I’ve been steaming a bit because the whole world seems more preoccupied with telling everyone what their feelings about today should be. I’m kinda fed up with it. Holidays are a weird time for some people, myself included. And what I’d really like for this Valentine’s day is for everyone to just back off and let everyone else feel what they need to feel.

If you’re honestly fed up with the idea of our culture branding and selling romance, fucking complain about it. It’s a shitty thing to do. There’s a whole day dedicated to buying love themed gifts so giant companies can make an extra buck, and that pisses you off. If you have sincerely strong feelings about it, express them! You’re passionate about something, and that’s really beautiful. Don’t let a bunch of self righteous wankers tell you you aren’t allowed to feel this way.

If you’re single and you hate it, you have every right to grumble. Being single sucks sometimes. If they don’t want to see your twitter posts about how sad you are they can unfollow you. It’s a day about romance and you’re missing out. That can really suck, and having a place to complain about that can really help. It’s okay to feel sad, lonely, and whatever else you feel. It’s also okay to express that in whatever medium helps YOU work through it.

If you love Valentine’s day and are celebrating it with your partner, fucking awesome. You guys are happy and you should celebrate! Enjoy the hell out of today. Post pictures about it and show off how happy you are. That’s what social media is for. Express your love and share it with the world. Life is short and you folks are living the hell out of it together. That’s amazing.

If you feel any of these things I’ve mentioned, or feel any other way about today that hasn’t been covered, that’s great. Our culture puts a lot of weight on sex and relationships. It can be a really confusing experience being a human in this world. Feel however you need to about today and any other day. Express those emotions wherever you need to. Just make sure that in doing so you’re giving everyone else the space to do the same.


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