The Middle of Nowhere Part 2

Curiosity Instax 210 Wide

There were a couple days in between her arrivin’ and the scientists showin’ up so my husband and I tried to keep her company. Of course she did have a lot of catching up to do. She asked me to walk with her as she looked at the town. There were no more than 60 people in the area when she left. My husband and I are the only one’s left now. I can’t really be sure what was goin’ through her mind when she first got back but she seemed a lot less sad than I would have expected. She was more excited than anything. She visited all of the old haunts around town. The grain elevator, the old barns. She found some rusted out old equipment and stared at it for ages. She wandered through the old general store with such a huge smile on her face. It’s so old and decrepit now I’m not sure how you could look at it with a smile. Everything she knew aged so much in an instant and she greeted it all with a grin.

That was always how she was though. Even in the hardest times of her life she had a curious spirit and a smile on her face. I asked her why she was so interested in everything.

“It’s all so different,” she told me, “It’s all so new.”

I guess that made sense. When your whole world ages fifty years in an instant it’s gotta look pretty interesting.


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