The Middle of Nowhere: Part 4


There was one thing that stopped her in her tracks though. That old church on the edge of town. Hasn’t been touched in ages. Shut down probably 20 years ago now. There have been talks about sendin’ it to the museum or even just torchin’ the place. Who knows what’s actually gonna happen to it. But everyone used to attend. Ten AM every Sunday she would there in the front row. She’d have a great big smile on her face, singing’ every hymn a loud and happy as could be. We got to know each other fairly well at the church. It was a social place. It was the social place in a town this size. Every event, yard sale, fundraiser, what have you, happened in or around this place. Most of your happy childhood memories formed in here. At least ours did. I think that’s why this was the place to hit her so hard.

There’s a little door in the back that never got locked. I showed her where to sneak in and warned her to mind the stairs. She asked me to come in with her. It’d been a long time since I’d seen the inside. It brought back a lot of memories for me. For her those memories were only a few days old. I wish I knew how to console someone in this sorta situation. I wish I really understood what she was feeling. It was tough seein’ her wander through the place. Watchin’ her mood change so quickly.


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