A Change in Schedule

My latest proofreader for Loki’s Gambit (if you read this, please keep in mind that I’m not angry at all! This isn’t passive aggressive, I’m trying to get in touch!) has been very busy lately, and also tough to get in touch with. This has resulted in Loki’s Gambit going unedited. While I think the posts are decent without my friends work, they are soooooooo much better with it! So I’m going to talk to her (hopefully) soon so we can work out a schedule that works best for both of us. I am currently unable to pay folks for their services so I am only able to ask people to volunteer. This understandably makes my stuff not exactly top priority, and people’s lives get pretty hectic sometimes. I sincerely respect this fact. But because of that, I have decided to wait to post more of Loki’s Gambit until I can get it edited. I’m not sure how long that’ll be, but once I do I’ll post an update here! Until then, I am hoping to put up weekly The Middle Of Nowhere posts! Part 4 has received more likes than any of my posts yet so I hope you all enjoy reading more of it! I’ll have to get out and take some photos to go along with it.

Since The Middle of Nowhere does require photographs, costumes, and models/performers (I would like to keep up the photography part of it) it will take a bit of planning. So there may be a bit of a hiccup in the weekly posts. If it takes a bit more time to get the pictures taken I’ll be posting flash fiction/short stories in their place. Since I’m on the subject already I may as well mention this bit as well. As fun as Loki’s Gambit is to write, I think my future projects are going to be a bit different. I have ideas for longer format stories but writing them in the traditional novella format that Loki’s Gambit has taken on gets a bit tedious for me. So I think the future, longer stories are going to be written more like a collection of short stories rather than chapters. Who knows, maybe they’ll feel exactly the same! But at least thinking about them in this way should help me tackle the larger ideas. My stories change a million times between the initial outline and the actual writing anyhow so why not just tackle the ideas one piece at a time?

My apologies if this post feels a bit rambly. It is almost 4:30 AM here and I’m a bit wonky/wired. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading so far! Please tell your friends about my blog, and if you want someone to read your stuff don’t be afraid to ask! No guarantee I’ll have time to read right away, but I will make time and leave a comment on your stuff!


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