The Middle of Nowhere: Part 6


I sat across from her in silence for almost an hour. It’s a hell of a way to start a new life. Lose everything you knew and everyone you loved in an instant. I offered to help her out. She could sleep in the spare room. We could give her room and board until she figures it all out, however long that took. But she turned it down. She decided she wanted to go through the motions with the scientists and whatever official bodies she needed to before trying to get herself set up on her own. I guess it made enough sense. There’s no reason to wait around. As far as she knew her situation was set in stone and she needed to come to terms with that. She was very practical about it. I still visit her in the city once in a while. We’ve become quite good friends again. She started going to meetings recently. Apparently she was the first person this happened to, but she was far from the last. Kind of a scary thought when you consider it. But they’ve all found each other and they’re working through it together. It’s good for her.


I wish she didn’t have to go through all this. She was a really good person. One of the few to come out of this town. Nobody should have to lose their whole world in an instant. Especially not her. But I guess it was just the first step in a hell of an adventure. She’s told me some stories from the folks at her meetings. Some of them have it a lot worse than she does. But still. I guess we’d all better appreciate what we’ve got. It could be gone in a flash.


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