Joanne: Part 9

Joanne sat in the bleachers at the soccer field with her head rising in her hands and her elbows on her knees. In typical Joanne fashion she had lost track of how long she had been there and just stared off into the distance with a string of drool flowing out of the side of her mouth. She eventually began to sway back and forth, as she did when she was bored, but the swaying didn’t last long. Her elbow slipped off of her leg and she suddenly snapped back to attention. She caught herself before she fell over, slurped up her drool, and inhaled a bit of it before having a coughing fit. Drool in the lungs was not a fun problem to have. Neither was being wandering the afterlife, completely alone, despite having finally found another wandering spirit the day before. Joanne sighed and looked toward the sun. She had been here since far too early in the morning and it was getting to be far too late in the afternoon. She had no idea if Terry would ever even visit this place and if he would, she didn’t know how often or at what times. The city was too big to be able to track down one person with so little to go on. So she stood up, stumbled down the bleachers, and began to walk.

It’s a funny thing how you can go from having so much hope and excitement to being completely bored and depressed in one day. Actually, scratch that, it’s not funny. It’s infuriating. It’s depressing. It’s completely, utterly, unfairly maddening. All emotions Joanne had rushing through her mind at once. She was everything but happy and at a complete loss for what to do. So she decided to make her way back to the university. She doubted she’d have much luck finding Terry there but she had nothing else to go on. Terry’s house, the soccer field, the university. These were her options. She might as well make a cycle of them.

Joanne reached the university as the sun was beginning to set. She had essentially gone in to auto pilot at this point and rather than bother with doors or stairs she just began walking through walls. She picked a hallway and wandered straight through every classroom along the way. Occasionally this involved walking through a classroom full of bored, disillusioned looking students listening to monotonous professors drone on about some sort of math that nobody cared to really understand. She didn’t mind though. She just wanted to walk, regardless of who she walked through.

She walked through classrooms full of bored looking geology students. She walked through offices filled with frustrated looking professors. She even walked through a student lounge with a single, lanky, awkward looking man who stared her directly in the eyes as she passed. And, of course, it took her a few too many seconds to realize what she had done.

“Terry!” she said to herself after walking about three rooms too far. She turned around and ran back, as fast as she could. She passed through the wall of the student lounge and found Terry standing looking at the wall. He turned to her, with wide eyes and slack jaw. She smiled, jumped up and down, and hugged him. He was too awestruck to react so his arms just stayed awkwardly pinned to his side by Joanne’s hug.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Terry!” She said with her cheek squished up against his chest.

“You too,” Terry said, “And, uh… What, uhh… What is your name?”

Joanne backed off and put out her hand.

“My name is Joanne,” she said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


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