Changing things up a bit?

A frustrating aspect of my personality is that I often get very excited and interested in an idea or a project early on but lose interest in it after a while. This is why I struggle with long term projects so much. I have realized recently though that sometimes I just need a break from a project before going back to it. I think this is starting to happen with Joanne and, to a certain extent, the whole weekly flash fiction thing in general. I have really been enjoying the series but it’s tough to motivate myself to write another part every week. So I think it may be time for a break from the flash fiction thing for a little bit. I find myself spending a couple of days struggling through a 500 word story until I barely manage to finish it. I can write a lot more than that when I am invested in a project and really motivated to work on it. I think this means it’s time for me concentrate on some projects I’m a bit more excited about. I am still determined to post something every Friday though! I’m just not sure what that will be. It might still be fiction, just shorter pieces for now. It may also be poetry. Or maybe even non-fiction posts where I talk about stuff I enjoy. Movies, comic books, novels, etc. Joanne will still continue though! I have a distinct ending in mind so it won’t go forever, but there are quite a few weeks worth of story left to tell. I think the plan will be to post fiction every two weeks, and something a little different in between. For those of you who read my stuff, thank you so much. I appreciate it, and I hope more of you will drop by in the weeks to come.


One thought on “Changing things up a bit?

  1. If you need a break there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m exited to see what you post in the future. I love reading fiction

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