God Awful Vlog…

I’m going to spend the next week trying to get far enough ahead with Joanne that I won’t have to worry if I miss a week of writing it. I’m going to do my best to hunker down and write at least three parts this week. For now though, I’m going to talk a bit about another project I’m hoping to start. I have a habit of starting too many things so this is going to be the last new project for a while!

So on top of all this writing I try to do, I’m also a filmmaker. I feel kind of weird using that word because outside of university I’ve only actually finished one film and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. I’m currently making a short documentary that I also have mixed feelings about and it’s all a big, weird, “deal with your art until you hate it” kind of situation. Regardless, video projects can take a long time to finish. Procrastination is still a big problem for me as far as making films, but even without that they can take ages to complete. So I’ve come up with an idea to hopefully help with a few things. And that idea is a video series! I guess you could call it a vlog, but it’s not just going to be me sitting and talking to a camera.

The basic format of the show would be a guest and myself talking about creative projects that we’re working on. I’m hoping that, by doing this, I can help keep myself accountable and finish my projects more quickly. There’s something about saying what you’re doing out loud and telling other people about it that makes you want to actually work on things. This series will also give me the opportunity to edit video quite regularly which is something I need to practice doing! And putting myself in front of a camera and talking to the internet might also help me build a bit of confidence which is something I also seriously struggle with. So there are a lot of benefits! Of course, it would be boring if it were just my friends and I talking about projects.

I’ve been told I make pretty ridiculous and hilarious faces when I eat or drink something I find especially disgusting. So I figured it would be fun for my friends and I to subject ourselves to some really nasty tasting things while we talked about stuff. The initial idea was to drink the worst cups of coffee we could find. I’m going to stick to that at first, but may expand it to other drinks and maybe some weird nasty food and stuff. But for now, just really gross coffee. Hopefully torturing myself for laughs will get a few views.

So yeah, that’s the next project I have on the go. Hopefully said project can keep my artsy friends and I accountable for our projects, help me become a bit more confident, and build my editing skills. And hopefully it’ll make a few people laugh!


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