Job Problems

I know I’m three days late with this post and I am a bit annoyed with myself. I feel I have good reason for this though. After having been unemployed for a long time I finally got a job a few weeks ago. It was part time but it was an alright gig. Unfortunately it was shift work that had me starting anywhere from five in the morning to seven at night. This caused my sleep schedule to become royally screwed up, even more than usual, and I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted. So this post is late because I was so all over the place I totally forgot about it until yesterday. On the bright side, I’ve quit that job after finding a full time position with regular hours. I’ll have the same shifts every week so I should be able to keep up with posts again! For now, this will be  a short update on what writing I’ve been doing.

Like I said in my last post, for the time being I’m going to be concentrating on writing scripts. I spent a few days pre-writing a play based on an idea I had for a web serial. I liked the concept and it adapted to the stage pretty easily. It was about a woman who has the power to speak to spirits by visiting people’s grave sites. Once I finished the plot outline, though, I didn’t like it anymore. It was really depressing, which is fine, but it was also kind of boring. So that ones on the back burner until I can come up with a more interesting story.

After that I started scouring my journal for other ideas. I didn’t find much, but I did remember another script I had already written. I wrote a screenplay for my third year film production class in university called “Stupendous.” It was a super hero story dealing with comic book archetypes and how they dealt with a post apocalyptic scenario. I really liked how it turned out but don’t think I’ll ever turn it into a film. I made an attempt to turn it into a radio play but even that was proving difficult. There were a lot of flashbacks and character movements that I wasn’t sure how to adapt for audio without just adding massive blocks of narration. So I thought, what if I just rewrote the story for the stage? It can still follow the same plot, themes, and characters. I just have to change the setting and start fresh. This idea got me really excited, so that’s what I’ve been working on! I’m basically starting from scratch with the actual dialogue because this is going to be much longer than the screenplay was. That’s okay though. I like being able to start fresh with certain characters and stories. I’m hoping to make this my first full length play. I’m not sure  how that’s going to turn out though. I’m very used to writing one act pieces so it may be a bit of a challenge!


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