This weeks post is going to be a brief one about my current major project.

Back in high school I was in the Drama Club. In ninth grade I was a sound technician, in tenth and eleventh grade I was an actor, and in twelfth grade I was lucky enough to have the chance to write and direct my own play. It won the Saskatchewan Drama Association’s Student Playwriting Contest and I got to take it to the regional SDA festival that year. We managed to win a few awards and it was a pretty great experience for a high school kid. After high school I didn’t do much script writing outside of films I wrote for university projects. I wrote a second play, called Peter and Nick, while I was bored at school waiting for classes to start. That one wound up being performed by the Battlfords Community Players. Outside of those two scripts I didn’t write many plays. Until recently, as I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to dive back into it as I take a break from prose. Two sequels to Peter and Nick were written, but my current project is the first since I’ve tried dedicating my writing energy almost exclusively to stageplays.

That project is tentatively titled “Stupendous.” It’s actually based on a short film I wrote in my third year narrative film production class. I was hoping to adapt that screenplay into a radio play just for kicks but that wound up being a bit of a challenge. So I decided I might like to try it as a stage play. I also decided to say “screw it” and started the story from scratch. I think this was a good choice because I’ve been able to rework the characters and their backstories a bit. I think the best way to describe the story is as a satire of super heroes. It follows Mr. Stupendous and Powerlad (the names are pretty cheezy, but it’s touch coming up with unused super hero names these days) as a sidekick tries to help his partner through some trauma. In the end I think I’m trying to play with the idea of a super hero with nothing left to fight for. What happens when a city’s greatest defender has nothing left to defend? I don’t want to give away too many details yet, as I hope people will be able to see/read the play when it’s done!

I’ve really been enjoying writing it so far. It’s a combination of theatre and super heroes, two of my favourite things! I may post a few more details next week, or it may be back to my religious studies series. Not sure yet. I know I didn’t say much with this post, but it’s been kind of a tiring week. Thanks for stopping by!


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