Back to blogging!

After a bit of a roller coaster of frustration that’s resulted in my being unemployed again, I’ve got more than enough free time to start blogging again. It might not be weekly posts for the first while, but I hope to get there again soon. I’m hoping to pick up that Religious Studies series again, as well as general life updates. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and editing some documentaries. I think I might post a bit about the editing process and stuff like that on here as well.

As far as plans for other projects, I would still like to start up that “Awful Coffee” vlog series I wrote about, so hopefully I’ll get around to that soon. As well, I have an idea for a podcast or two I may try with my friends. So whatever it is I wind up doing, you’ll see it here! Films, podcasts, vlogs, and writing of all sorts! Thanks for dropping by!


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