2017 Film Project

I’ve been struggling a bit to decide what my major film project for 2017 will be. My goal is to finish a film every year and this year, in an attempt to tackle my procrastination problem, I was hoping to start immediately on a larger project. At first I was going to make a very personal film about a late family member. After a bit of thought, however, I decided a different project might be a better idea. I’ve decided to start a youtube channel dedicated to short documentary films. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, just to see how many people I can reach with a site like YouTube. I don’t see many docs on YouTube, so I’m hoping at the very least I could fill a bit of a niche. This would also be an opportunity to hone my skills in each stage of production. If I finish several very short projects over the next year, I will have built a bit of a resume up while also getting better and the whole documentary process. Then, hopefully, I’ll be that much more ready to tackle a longer film like the one I mentioned earlier.

Doing this is definitely going to be a challenge. I’m trying to overcome my procrastination problem by powering through everything I have planned. Of course, as is an old habit of mine, I’ve planned a lot of stuff. I’m going do do a podcast with a friend, and also try planning a small film festival. There’s a chance that all of this will be a bit too much for me on top of my regular hobbies. If that’s the case, I’ll be willing to drop a project or two if I have to. For some reason I get down on myself when I push a hobby or project to the side. It almost feels like I dedicated myself to something and let myself down by not being able to stick to it. I’m going to keep reminding myself that’s not the case this year. You can’t have time for every little thing. I am hoping, though, that as I get better about time management and procrastination (and force myself to rewatch less TV shows, and spend less time on youtube) I should be able to handle what I have planned. So hopefully you all can look forward to a few short films, a bi-monthly podcast, and a goofy little film festival this year.

Quick note, I AM planning on posting on my blog every Friday starting next week! It won’t be fiction and prose like it used to. Instead, it’s going to be updates on creative projects and stuff like that. This blog is going to be the central hub for all my creative junk. You’ll be able to find links to all of it here! Thanks for dropping by!


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