Starting a Podcast!

My good friend Patrick and I recently recorded the first episode of an ongoing podcast series. This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while that was originally going to be a video series. We’re calling it “Nostalgia 91” and it is going to be all about TV shows, music, video games, and media of all sorts that we’re nostalgic for. The idea is that, in each episode, we will discuss something one of us is nostalgic for but the other is not. We’re hoping it will be interesting to hear someone who’s very familiar discuss a favourite with someone who’s completely new to it. We hope to have guests on as well, so Patrick and I might be able to introduce something we both love to someone else. Or maybe a guest and I will show something to Patrick. However it winds up, at least one person is going to discover something new. We recorded the first episode, where I introduced Patrick to “The Secret of NIMH.” It’s one of my favourite animated films and recording our discussion of it was a lot of fun! For the time being, the plan is to host it on Soundcloud and possibly a YouTube channel. Everything will be posted here so you’ll be able to find it easily!

I’m very excited for this project for a few reasons. This year I am trying very hard to get over my procrastination problem, and this project is one of the things that is going to keep me accountable. Starting January 27th the podcast will be released every second Friday. Depending how on the ball we are with recordings we may try to make it a weekly thing! At the very least, this will keep me feeling productive. I still hope to make the documentaries I mentioned in my previous post (planning for two of them is on the go) but this podcast will keep me busy and feeling productive in between those films. The first episode was a lot of fun to record. This is honestly the first time in a while that I’ve felt really happy and excited about doing something creative. Even if this podcast doesn’t find much of an audience, at least it’s something I’ll be able to enjoy doing with some friends.

So, you can look forward to our “Secret of NIMH” episode on the 27th! Also, later today I’ll post about another “podcast” project I tried out. I’ve been posting it on Soundcloud but I forgot to share it here!


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