Nostalgia 91 Episode 1: The Secret of NIMH

It’s finally here! If you’ve been following my ramblings here or elsewhere, you may know that my friend Patrick and I have been working on a podcast recently. It’s called Nostalgia 91, and the idea is that Patrick, myself, and sometimes a guest, will talk about something at least one of us is nostalgic for, and one of us has never seen. We’ve recorded three episodes so far and each one has been a lot of fun. It’s great being able to remember and reminisce about something you loved when you were a child. It’s also really cool being introduced to something new that a friend is passionate about. This podcast is one of the most fun projects I’ve been a part of in a long time and I’m excited to be able to share it with you!

The original plan was to release a episode twice a month, but after going through the editing process we’ve decided we’re going to release Nostalgia 91 weekly! The link to the first episode is down below and I’ll be posting about it on my social media throughout the following weeks. I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we did recording it! (Fair warning, Patrick and I do swear so there’s a fair bit of profanity in this.)



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