Nostalgia 91 Episode 5: Monster by Mistake

New episode of the podcast is up! Check it out. We watch, and subsequently tear in to, a TV show I loved when I was a wee child. I hope you enjoy!



A peek at the doc!

Since I goofed up and forgot to post on Wednesday, here’s a couple little clips from the doc! I decided to try doing handheld shooting for this project since I’d never done it before. There are some still shots I did in case I didn’t like the handheld. A lot of the shots feel super shaky, so I may just go with the tripod shots in the end. We’ll see. Regardless, I included a fun moment from the interview and a bit of the observation I did of Aaron working on the sculpture. It’s a Graboid, the monster from one of Aaron’s favourite horror films, Tremors!

The next few days I’ll basically be organizing the footage, separating clips, and making notes about which shots I like. This is the most boring stage in the process for me so I’m hoping to push through as much of it as I can right away. Next week, I think I’ll post a little graphic guide to my editing process. Thanks again for dropping by and reading!



I, of course, forgot to post on Wednesday this week. Despite this, other than yesterday I have managed to have readers checking out the blog almost every day for a few weeks now. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been dropping by! I know this blog gets neglected, but I promise to post more. I was going to post some more about my current documentary project on Thursday, but that didn’t happen because I was running into issues editing said project that took priority. Even then, I SHOULD have posted on Wednesday like I said I would. This week has been very busy and I have also been ill, so it kinda flopped.

Despite forgetting to post here, the week was actually quite productive! Patrick, myself, and a few friends recorded three episodes of the podcast. I’m hoping to take a week or so off from that since we’re officially five episodes ahead. I need to concentrate on some other projects. I am going to try to set aside a day each week to take photos which I will hopefully post here. I will also be posting about the aforementioned documentary as I make progress on it. ( Now that I’ve powered through my editing issue I’ll post something later today! I promise!) So I promise you will see three posts next week, and every week into the future with the following schedule!

Wednesday: Photography post! I want to get back in to digital photography in a big way, so every Wednesday I will post a few pictures!

Thursday: Documentary update! I am insane and am hoping to make a documentary every two months this year, so I should have something to post each week. This may also be where I post about my script writing. Thursday will be the general “I make things, let’s talk about it!” post.

Friday: New podcast episode. We’ve managed to release an episode each week since we’ve started, and have been having no trouble with that. Come back each week to hear my friends and I get nostalgic on Nostalgia 91!

Started Filming Today!

This post is a day late, but it’s going to be a quick update anyhow! Today I started filming my first documentary of the year. This one is about my friend Aaron and his recent venture into the world of sculpture and special effects. I interviewed him about his goals, his process, and why he loves doing what he’s doing. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be shooting some of his actual process. I’m excited to see him create a piece based on one of his favourite movie monsters, the Graboid from Tremors! I’ve started a YouTube channel for my video work and any related stuff. I keep talking about doing a vlog or something similar, but that’s kinda up in the air at the moment. For now, here’s Aaron making a kissy face at the camera. Hope you enjoy!


Nostalgia 91 Episode 3

I’ve been feeling very sick these past few days so I’ve been falling behind on stuff. I did manage to post the next episode of Nostalgia 91 though! I just forgot to share it here. Also, in an interesting development, I am now paying for Soundcloud ’cause I misunderstood how their upload limits work. Kinda glad they were my first try, though, ’cause they seem to be the cheapest of all the podcast hosting options I could find. Anyhow, here’s episode 3! Patrick get’s introduced the the ridiculous 90s cartoon “Biker Mice From Mars” by myself and our friend Michael! Enjoy!


Winter Photo Shoot

A lack of work and money has recently forced my to re prioritize some of my hobbies. This honestly isn’t a bad thing since I tend to take on too many hobbies and don’t have time for most of them. This has resulted in me seriously considering giving up on photography. Overall I do enjoy taking pictures but it’s something I haven’t really put much time in to over the past year. There’s nowhere in Saskatchewan that processes film anymore, with the exception of Don’s Photo and even they have to ship the film to Winnipeg to do it. This obviously makes film photography too expensive for me at the moment. Thinking about all of this had me feeling like I should just not bother with photography at all anymore.

Then one night I was hanging out with a photographer friend of mine. If you go back to my posts from last summer you can see some 35mm photos of him as well as some photos from an adventure we had together in an abandoned little town. We were talking and I suddenly felt sort of inspired to get out and take some photos. So we planned a shoot the next day. We went out with our friend Tiffany, the woman who is featured in the aforementioned shoot, and took some pictures around the city. It was a lot of fun and I’m actually really proud of some of the photos. So I think I’m going to stick with photography for now. I hope to get out a bit more often and take more photos this year. Maybe this can fill the time I was going to dedicate to a film festival that I decided to give up on. If I can get out every week and hone some photography skills maybe I can get somewhere with that. It is a lot of fun and I do have a sort of open slot for a project. That being said, here are my favourites from this shoot!

Also, I’ve decided to start posting my written blog posts on Wednesdays and see how that works out for me. Since my podcast goes out on Fridays I figured it would be a good idea to spread things out a bit. Maybe I’ll start posting photos on Wednesdays, and podcasts on Fridays. Let’s see how that goes!



I’ve decided not to give much explanation for these pictures, except that the last one is my favourite. I’ve only ever taken photos of a few people, but Tiffany has always been my favourite subject. She has such a beautiful personality and I absolutely adore seeing her smile. I love capturing honest little moments like this.