First Doc of 2017

I have probably mentioned here before that after graduating film school I promised myself I would make one major film project every year. This year my plan wound up being to make a handful of rather short documentaries. The first two, possibly three, are going to be about local, Canadian artists and their creative processes. So yesterday I got the ball rolling on my first documentary of the year! A good friend of mine that I’ve known since high school has recently begun pursuing sculpture and special effects work. He is very talented and in a rather short amount of time has managed to develop some pretty amazing skills. He has a passion for horror film and has dreams of being able to create strange creatures and horrible things for the big screen. I adore seeing people make things and learning about their processes so I’m very excited for this film. I recorded a short pre-interview today so I could start getting familiar with Aaron and the things he’s been working on. My goal is to have the film shot in February, and edited/released in March. I think this will be doable as long as my schedule/life doesn’t change too much over the next two months.

So this weeks post is a pretty short update. I think this is what the blog will be like for the next while. I’ll also post episode two of Nostagia 91 shortly so you can look forward to that!


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