Winter Photo Shoot

A lack of work and money has recently forced my to re prioritize some of my hobbies. This honestly isn’t a bad thing since I tend to take on too many hobbies and don’t have time for most of them. This has resulted in me seriously considering giving up on photography. Overall I do enjoy taking pictures but it’s something I haven’t really put much time in to over the past year. There’s nowhere in Saskatchewan that processes film anymore, with the exception of Don’s Photo and even they have to ship the film to Winnipeg to do it. This obviously makes film photography too expensive for me at the moment. Thinking about all of this had me feeling like I should just not bother with photography at all anymore.

Then one night I was hanging out with a photographer friend of mine. If you go back to my posts from last summer you can see some 35mm photos of him as well as some photos from an adventure we had together in an abandoned little town. We were talking and I suddenly felt sort of inspired to get out and take some photos. So we planned a shoot the next day. We went out with our friend Tiffany, the woman who is featured in the aforementioned shoot, and took some pictures around the city. It was a lot of fun and I’m actually really proud of some of the photos. So I think I’m going to stick with photography for now. I hope to get out a bit more often and take more photos this year. Maybe this can fill the time I was going to dedicate to a film festival that I decided to give up on. If I can get out every week and hone some photography skills maybe I can get somewhere with that. It is a lot of fun and I do have a sort of open slot for a project. That being said, here are my favourites from this shoot!

Also, I’ve decided to start posting my written blog posts on Wednesdays and see how that works out for me. Since my podcast goes out on Fridays I figured it would be a good idea to spread things out a bit. Maybe I’ll start posting photos on Wednesdays, and podcasts on Fridays. Let’s see how that goes!



I’ve decided not to give much explanation for these pictures, except that the last one is my favourite. I’ve only ever taken photos of a few people, but Tiffany has always been my favourite subject. She has such a beautiful personality and I absolutely adore seeing her smile. I love capturing honest little moments like this.


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