A peek at the doc!

Since I goofed up and forgot to post on Wednesday, here’s a couple little clips from the doc! I decided to try doing handheld shooting for this project since I’d never done it before. There are some still shots I did in case I didn’t like the handheld. A lot of the shots feel super shaky, so I may just go with the tripod shots in the end. We’ll see. Regardless, I included a fun moment from the interview and a bit of the observation I did of Aaron working on the sculpture. It’s a Graboid, the monster from one of Aaron’s favourite horror films, Tremors!

The next few days I’ll basically be organizing the footage, separating clips, and making notes about which shots I like. This is the most boring stage in the process for me so I’m hoping to push through as much of it as I can right away. Next week, I think I’ll post a little graphic guide to my editing process. Thanks again for dropping by and reading!



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