I, of course, forgot to post on Wednesday this week. Despite this, other than yesterday I have managed to have readers checking out the blog almost every day for a few weeks now. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been dropping by! I know this blog gets neglected, but I promise to post more. I was going to post some more about my current documentary project on Thursday, but that didn’t happen because I was running into issues editing said project that took priority. Even then, I SHOULD have posted on Wednesday like I said I would. This week has been very busy and I have also been ill, so it kinda flopped.

Despite forgetting to post here, the week was actually quite productive! Patrick, myself, and a few friends recorded three episodes of the podcast. I’m hoping to take a week or so off from that since we’re officially five episodes ahead. I need to concentrate on some other projects. I am going to try to set aside a day each week to take photos which I will hopefully post here. I will also be posting about the aforementioned documentary as I make progress on it. ( Now that I’ve powered through my editing issue I’ll post something later today! I promise!) So I promise you will see three posts next week, and every week into the future with the following schedule!

Wednesday: Photography post! I want to get back in to digital photography in a big way, so every Wednesday I will post a few pictures!

Thursday: Documentary update! I am insane and am hoping to make a documentary every two months this year, so I should have something to post each week. This may also be where I post about my script writing. Thursday will be the general “I make things, let’s talk about it!” post.

Friday: New podcast episode. We’ve managed to release an episode each week since we’ve started, and have been having no trouble with that. Come back each week to hear my friends and I get nostalgic on Nostalgia 91!


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