It’s okay to not be good at stuff

On Tuesday I went out to shoot some photos by myself in rural Saskatchewan. I got out late since my sleep schedule is still such a mess. I started around four PM and drove around for about an hour and a half before I realized two very important things.

  1. I sincerely believe that rural Saskatchewan and it’s landscapes are absolutely beautiful.
  2. I am almost completely incapable of photographing it.

I looked at a lot of things while I drove. Fields, farms, quansets, barns, abandoned buildings, small towns, trees, snow, and a lot of grid roads. The whole time I was there I saw one dilapidated old shack that has some great colour and texture to it, but I would have had to trespass on someones land to get a decent shot. All of these things that I take for granted when I drive past them on road trips had a certain charm and beauty to them that I think you take for granted when you live your whole life in this province. Unfortunately, though, that beauty is something I’m just not able to capture with a camera. It’s not that I don’t have the skill, and I swear I’m not looking for sympathy. And for the love of christ, if a single person says “You’re great, you just need practice! Just keep trying!” or anything of the like, I may just lose it.

I recently ranted on twitter about how frustrating it can be to explain to people that I can be a filmmaker and NOT be a videographer or cinematographer. I concluded that I am not very versatile or skilled with a video camera, and I am absolutely fine with that. The one response I got was a friend, in a very kind way, encouraging me and saying it’s “okay to push boundaries.” Yes, I do realize that. But that’s not the point. I’m not worried about pushing those boundaries because I’ve learned that I’m not good with them. I think this is the same case. I am not a landscape photographer. I’m probably not much of a nature photographer either. The photos I love taking are photos of individual subjects. People, animals, and in rare cases buildings. I took a few photos of the horizon on this trip. I don’t think they’re great but they aren’t terrible either. I just don’t like them and don’t find them interesting. I liked looking at it in person but a camera in my hands didn’t capture what I liked about it. And that’s totally okay. It’s good to know. Now I am aware of one artistic skill in regards to this hobby that I am not good at. I won’t waste my time on it in the future.

Overall, experiences like this are frustrating at first but a relief at the end of the day. I allow myself to get overwhelmed in the many artistic and creative things I want to do. I try a lot and don’t have time for most of it. So when I find something I’m really not good it, it is relieving to be able to cross it off of the list. I can dedicate more of my time to photography I am actually good at.


Since I’m choosing not to post the photos I took today and this is supposed to be my weekly photo post, here’s a mediocre picture of my favourite cat Wesley. I promise there will be better photos next week!IMG_7090_Fotor.jpg


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