Trying Out “Obscura Camera!”

Of course, yet again, I managed to forget to plan photos for this week. So last night while I was at Taco Night with my friends I decided I’d see if I could find a camera app for my phone that I liked. I did a bit of research online and found some reviews for iPhone apps that give you some control over camera settings. A few weeks ago I downloaded an app called Filmic Pro that does this for videos and I was quite impressed with it. One of the more recommended photo apps I found was called Camera Obscura. I only had time to try it out for a few minutes last night, but for seven dollars I was pretty happy with it. It gives you white balance options, ISO and shutter speed control, and some decent exposure control as well. So far it feels like my iPhone camera just became 100x more useful! I’ll post a few more photos next week to see what I can do with some better light. For now, these are the two I was most impressed with form sitting at the bar with my pals.



Stuff is obviously super grainy from the lowlight in the bar. Still, turned out pretty decent!


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