Playing a Bit More with Obscura Camera

I goofed around a bit more with the app this week. The first several minutes of my very quick shoot were actually very frustrating. I’ve found that the app slows down when you switch between the three shooting modes (raw, filter, and live.) This got a bit irritating. Things ran smoothly once I stuck with one though. I then ran into another problem though. For some reason the app was automatically changing the ISO and shutter speed settings and I couldn’t regain manual control. I also couldn’t find my way back to the instructions screen that came up the first time I used the app. I may have been doing something wrong but didn’t know what. I rebooted the app, though, and for whatever reason regained control.

I didn’t have time to arrange anything with an actual subject yet again so I decided to test the app with my Gizmo plush toy. I’ve gotta say, they turned out super well! I know that everyone’s already aware of how great cell phone cameras have become but I still felt very impressed. This app does give you some great control over settings that allows for even better photos. I do hope I don’t run in to the weird “you’re not allowed to adjust the ISO/shutter” issue too often though. So far, other than that one issue, this app has been well worth it! Gonna try to snap some pictures of an actual person this weekend! I may compare photos on my phone with Obscura Camera vs. photos on my T3i with an 80mm Rokinon lens. We’ll see!



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