Recent Writing

I was originally planning on posting about editing my current documentary project but I’m a bit further behind than expected so I’ll leave that for a future post. Instead I figured I’d post about my recent writing!

In a previous post I discussed how I’m spending the next little while concentrating on writing scripts more than anything else. It’s been a bit slow going but I do write every day so I’ve made some progress. I just finished writing the third play in a series of three that I started ages ago in my first year of university.  The first script was “Peter and Nick” and was performed that year by the Battleford Community Players as “Peter and Nikki” (“Nick” was cast as female). I eventually wrote a sequel called Peter and Terry and just finished the first draft of “Peter and Michael.” In order to keep myself sane I usually wind up having two scripts on the go in case I need to take a step away from one for a while. This resulted in my finishing the first draft of a super hero centred script adapted from a screenplay I wrote in university titled “Stupendous.”

So with a first draft of those done I hit the same wall I always hit, which is editing. I often find it really difficult to bring myself to edit a project. “Peter and Michael” needs a solid rewrite before I give it to someone for a critique. “Stupendous” feels the same way but I’m starting to feel like I won’t be sure of what to change until I actually send them both to be read. I think a part of my hesitation comes from embarrassment of my work. This is obviously something I have to eventually get over but it’s tough. In the mean time, since I write every day, I’ve started pre-writing two other scripts. I think I’m going to need to force myself to get the first to critiqued so I don’t leave them too far behind and forget about them.

I recently did a cold read of the first two Peter plays and re-wrote some parts of the first one. I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to send it out to some contests soon. I’d also love to do this with all of the previously mentioned scripts. That’s a tough call though because of certain aspects of the story. Which is what I’ll talk about in next weeks post! Sorry if this felt a bit rushed and rambly. I definitely didn’t prepare this much. Next week I’ll talk a bit about what these plays are all about though as I psych myself up to finish them and send them out into the world!


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