April 4th 2017 Photos

This week my good friend Mayce agreed to pose for some photos for me! We went to a couple of locations around town and shot some portraits. I was really happy with how these ones turned out. The weather was a bit gloomy and I was kind of hoping for things to be a bit more colourful but I think the photos wound up having a tone that worked really well because of this.

Every time I take photos I try to improve my skills and learn more about myself as a photographer. It’s only a hobby at the moment, but one that I am trying to take seriously. One thing I feel I need to get better at is instructing my subjects/models. My goal in the long term is to try documentary photography out so that won’t be much of an issue then, but for now I need to help my subjects out a bit. Mayce was great, but we both mentioned the sort of awkwardness that exists with these types of photos. At first she felt unsure how to pose for the pictures, and I felt unsure what I should ask her to do. So as long as I’m taking posed or planned images of people, this is something I need to get better at!

I am proud of the photos I selected though! The first two turned out really well and have some interesting emotion behind them. I want to stop using the comparison to music album covers, but this is what kind of pops in to mind with a few of these. Especially the one where Mayce posed next to some graffiti. Overall, I think the colours Mayce chose for her outfit worked pretty well with the colour of the trees in a lot these pictures.

So thanks again for joining me Mayce! And thanks to everyone else for checking out my work!




I took some pictures with Camera Obscura so I could compare them but I’ll share those next week! I goofed up and got my shadows in a few of them but they turned out pretty good otherwise!


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