Gallivan Photos

This past weekend my friend Michael and I took a trip to an abandoned town called Gallivan. We decided we wanted to go to a small, abandoned, prairie town and take some photos. We did a bit of google searching and this was one of the closest “ghost towns” we could find. It was a really fascinating experience!  I’m always a bit iffy about taking pictures of buildings and things like that so I was really pleased about how these turned out! I love the textures you can find in abandoned little places like this. The old, dried out wood and mossy tiles on roofs look really gorgeous. It was a really fun experience and we’re hoping to go out and try it again soon!


We found some geese on the drive up and this was the pest picture I managed to take.


There’s no statement being made here, I just loved the look of the old paint.


This one’s kind of boring but I sorta like it?
We found piles and piles of old books in an abandoned church and I absolutely loved the colour of these ones.


By the time we reached this outhouse I realized we were too far from the car for me to get my other lenses. I like this image, but I wish there were a few less plants in the way.


I think this is my favourite of the buildings. The angle it’s leaning at looks super interesting.


My new favourite thing is moss on old roof tiles.


Both of these pictures were my attempt at taking a sunset/horizon shot. I don’t know which I like better but I’ve tried stuff like this before and it’s never turned out. I was exited to get these!
We discovered a building with probably about four feet or more of solid ice in the basement. We took some pictures inside but most of mine didn’t turn out. i liked this silhouette of Michael looking inside though.

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