Nostalgia 91 Episode 18: Vectorman

Check out the new episode of Nostalgia 91! Patrick introduces Will and I to Vectorman, one of his favourite Sega games!



Some recent Instax photos!

Once again, I’ve been falling behind on my posts. Maybe some day my blog will have a new post that’s not me apologizing for forgetfulness, but for now, sorry I missed another week.

A few weeks back I took a walk along the trail in my hometown and managed to get some great pictures of the river at sunset. I got a few on my phone, which I may post later, but I also managed to get a really nice one on my Instax camera!

img063 2

I took two photos on this walk. The first one was this, an attempt at photographing some deer I saw on the trail. Unfortunately this one didn’t turn out very well.


The second one I liked a lot though! There was a really cool contrast between the dark silhouette of the trees and the light in the sky and reflecting off of the river.

New podcast episodes!

Once again I’m behind on my two weekly posts and I as usual feel super guilty about it. I’m still struggling to get into a regular schedule with sleep, work, and creative projects. For now, here are the last two weeks of Nostalgia 91 episodes!




Nostalgia 91 Episode 15: Undergrads

I forgot to share this last week ’cause I’m a doofus, but I’m catching up on stuff! We introduced our friend Mayce to one of our favourite cartoons, Undergrads! The next two episodes we’ll be covering the other two parts of the holy trinity of amazing one season Cartoons from 2002, Clone High and Mission Hill!



Photos of Dusty Tucker

Once again I’m a day late! But last weekend I shot most of a short documentary I’m making called “Mike and Dusty.” It’s about my friend Michael and a friendship he’s built with a band out of Red Deer called Dusty Tucker. They were all kind enough to let me film them while they performed live music and busked, and also while they performed a show in Saskatoon. It was a super cool experience and while I was there I took some photos! These are my personal favourites, and I will of course post more about the doc as it develops!IMG_7274IMG_7259IMG_7268IMG_7273IMG_7257IMG_7255IMG_7254IMG_7253IMG_7249IMG_7245


My new documentary!

Here’s the link! This is the film I talked about in previous posts. It’s called “Arcane Stone” and it’s about my friend Aaron becoming a horror sculptor.



Missed Podcasts!

In my chaotic stream of Doctor’s appointments I forgot to post the last couple of podcasts we did. We did an episode about Labyrinth and an episode about Golden Axe the video game! Check them out! They’re a lot of fun!