Lost some photos…

So I took a few photos of a sunset that I was going to post today. I took them with an app on my camera and can’t seem to locate them on my computer or any of my Google Drive folders. So instead, this week I’m going to share a bit of a free write I did yesterday. It’s writing about writing, but it’s some stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It’s kinda personal, but hopefully you find it interesting!

I saw some tweets the other day from Bailey Poland.

This really got me thinking about how I’ve been approaching writing.  At this point I’ve written every day for one year and eight months. A large part of the reason I did this was because I have some serious procrastination problems and I heard some advice from folks I follow online about “never breaking the chain.” This basically means that you should do whatever thing it is you want to be good at every day. So I tried it out. I’ve been trying it out rather successfully. And honestly it has been great for my writing self esteem in a sense because I’ve proven to myself that I can accomplish this. However, a lot of the time I find myself scrambling at the last minute to write the bare minimum goal I’ve set.  I’m kind of doing this right now. I told myself I would write at least three lines a day and I’ve been doing that. But a lot of the time I wind up writing only three lines and nothing more.

So I’ve started thinking, what’s the point of writing every day if I wind up only writing because I have to rather than because I want to? Would it not be better to write every other day because I find it fulfilling rather than because I think I have to? I do enjoy writing, but this is how I have been feeling about it lately.

So I’m considering changing up my goals a bit.  Maybe I don’t have to write every day. Instead I could write every few days but write more, better, and with more intention. I’m worried that I’ll fall into a slump of forgetting to write for long periods of time. But I hope that this would result in me writing more things that I like and think are good and less last second drabbles and haiku that hold no real meaning to me. I tried writing daily. I can do it and no longer doubt that. But now it might be time to write less frequently, but to write better work. I think I still need to keep a schedule so I don’t fall for my old procrastination problems, but a schedule might be enough.

All in all, I think the advice I got from these people might have been good for me at the time. Now it may be time to take a different approach. Like Bailey said, their way isn’t wrong. But it might not be my way. At least not anymore.


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