Sorry for the long break!

I just spent the last month and a half in this weird quantum state of half living in Saskatoon and half living in Battleford as I saved money to rent an apartment. I was unable to put much effort into creative work during this time but I’m finally settled into my new place and will be trying to post every week again! For now it’s going to be Wednesday photography posts, Friday Podcasts (which have still been going up on podbean so you can still catch up!) and possibly updates about creative projects as well! I have a documentary I am editing as well as one in pre-production. The latter of the two may be my first feature film so I’ll have lots to post about it. I am still determined that this year will be a productive one to the end, so I’m going to try to make up for the lost month! No more late posts! Thanks to those of you who stick around and check out my stuff! Love you all!


For now, here’s the latest episode of Nostalgia 91! It’s our second episode of a full watch through of Cybersix! It’s been a ton of fun to watch so far!


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