Baghead Photos Part 3

Here’s part three of the Baghead photos! I think these ones were my favourites out of all of them. Finlayson Island was a great location to take some creepy winter photos. This is the last of the pictures for now, but this project has inspired us to try another one once things warm up a bit more. So look forward to more spoopy horror movie inspired photos in the coming months! There may also be a bonus set tomorrow of some funny pictures we took.IMG_0570.JPG



Baghead Photos Part 2

Baghead Photos Part 2

This week I’ve got some photos of Baghead peeking out of some windows at the abandoned house! My personal favourite is the full shot of the house. I think the scale and subtlety of it make it extra creepy. IMG_0502.JPGIMG_0491.JPGIMG_0479.JPGIMG_0483.JPG

Baghead Photos Part 1

My friend Michael and I decided it would be fun to make a creepy costume and go out to one of our favourite abandoned houses for a photo shoot last weekend. I don’t remember how we decided on the “baghead” style character. I think Michael suggested it on a whim, but either way we did it! My girlfriend helped us construct a mask out of burlap and rope and we set out to take some creepy photos!

We took a few different groups of pictures so I’m going to spread these out over a few posts. With the weather looking nice again I’m hopefully going to be getting out and taking pictures more regularly, so after this I should have some fresh stuff to post each week! For now, here’s some creepy abandoned basement pictures.