The Middle of Nowhere Part 3

Doorframe Silhouette Instax 210 Wide

She didn’t have much here when she left. A few friends, of course. But she was an only child and her parents had passed away the year before she left. It never seemed to affect her much. Not on the outside at least. She was always a very strong and independent person but you could tell something had changed about her. I think she was leaving so she could get away from the memories. It’s gotta be tough living alone in your childhood home, ya’ know? Bein’ twenty and living all by yourself. And she had so much potential too. She had a good head on her shoulders. Honestly she’ll probably fair better now than she would have fifty years ago. There’s better schools and more work these days. She needed a new life. She deserved it. I guess she got it in the end.

She didn’t really lose much in the jump to be honest. Everything just changed. The whole world shifted around her. I guess it’ll be pretty tough for her to adapt to all the new technology and what not. But she’ll get there. I’m not worried about her as much as I am the rest of the world. This is gonna shake things up pretty bad. I just hope they get their tests done quick and leave her to live her life.  And I hope this kinda thing doesn’t happen to anyone else. I don’t know what I’d do if something like this happened to me.