2017 Coming to an End

I hate that most of my blog posts are myself promising to update weekly after failing to do so, but here I go again! I got a new work schedule recently that’s overall pretty good but it’s taken some getting used to. I have two jobs resulting in a bit of a split shift, and have had some busy weekends recently. This has kept me from writing and taking photos. Now that I’m in the swing of things though I’m not going to let myself make any more excuses. 2017 was the year I proved to myself that I could be consistently productive. Patrick and I have posted a podcast every week since February, and although I didn’t stick to my initial plan for creative projects, I did finish 1.5 documentaries. I’m hoping to finish the second one ASAP. Procrastination is something I still struggle with but this podcast has helped me overcome some of that in a big way. I want to continue improving in 2018. I’ve proven I can be consistent in completing projects, so now I want to bring that consistency into other creative endeavours. Weekly blog posts, finishing scripts, and a few other projects.

A big part of what helped in 2017 was laying out plans for what I hoped to accomplish. Those plans changed but really helped. I’m hoping to get my project play for 2018 finished very soon. It’s going to include another year of Nostalgia 91, at least two scripts, and weekly posts on this blog. Over the past few months I’ve taken some time to re-evaluate myself creatively which is something I’ll post about next week, but all in all it means I’m going to be concentrating a bit less on film in 2018. I’m gonna work on writing, photography, and the podcast. I still have an idea for a short film series, but it’s going to relate to still photography in a big way. That’ll get fleshed out more in next weeks post though. For now, this will just be another life update posted far too late. Thanks for dropping by to read if you did!


Changing up the blog, once again!

So with my work schedule and the amount of sunlight available in a Saskatchewan winter, getting out and taking photos has been a bit difficult lately. It’s something I’m hoping to continue doing, and the posts should be more regular because I will have weekends off of work soon. For now though, I’m going to try to keep up with the weekly Wednesday posts, but not all of them will be photography centred! I hoped to post writing on this blog when I first started it so I’m thinking, for the time being, every week I’ll post once. Either a piece of writing or some photos. I keep thinking about going back to university and getting another degree so brushing up a bit on my non-fiction writing and research skills wouldn’t be a bad idea. So this week is just a brief, rambling post about what I hope to post. But look forward to some posts about life and my interests and stuff in the coming weeks. Thanks for those of you who do drop by despite my irregular schedule!

Extra Life 2017 Photos

My friends took part in Extra Life last weekend and we managed to raise over 1,000 dollars for Children’s Miracle Network! It was a great time for a really good cause. I tried to take a few photos of everyone in our sleep deprived state as we played games for 24 hours. The lights were pretty low, but I managed to get a few I was pretty happy with. I’m starting to get a lot more confident shooting in low light conditions so I’ve been enjoying taking indoor photos quite a lot lately.


Trip to the Museum

I missed the past two weeks because life got busy and exhausting on me. I meant to post these shortly after my sister and I went to the Western Development Museum here in Saskatoon but work has been wiping me out and I just kept putting it off. I took a few pictures as we ventured through the Boomtown exhibit in the museum. This branch of the WDM is themed around the 1910s and is meant to show what life was like living in Saskatchewan in that era. There is a main street built to look like a town and a couple of separate exhibit areas, including one that’s supposed to look like a fair/carnival (hence the one picture of a freaky clown.) It was pretty dim inside the museum but I think some of these turned out pretty well. I love the old advertisements and things like that and these museums are a great place to find that kind of thing!IMG_0267IMG_0270IMG_0272IMG_0273IMG_0276IMG_0277IMG_0278IMG_0288IMG_0290