Photos of Urvee

Since I’ve gotten settled in I managed to finally get out and take a few photos of my lovely new friend Urvee. We want to a park in the city with a pond and even managed to find some cute ducks to snap some pictures of. I’m quite proud of how these turned out. Urvee and a few other have suggested I try pursuing photography professionally and the more I get out and practice the more I think I’d like to try it out. I don’t know much about the business side of things so I think I’ll have to do a bit more research before trying that out. For now, I’m going to keep on practicing.IMG_7323IMG_7329IMG_7332_FotorIMG_7335IMG_7339IMG_7340IMG_7348IMG_7363IMG_7364IMG_7367IMG_7408IMG_7379IMG_7382IMG_7386


Sorry for the long break!

I just spent the last month and a half in this weird quantum state of half living in Saskatoon and half living in Battleford as I saved money to rent an apartment. I was unable to put much effort into creative work during this time but I’m finally settled into my new place and will be trying to post every week again! For now it’s going to be Wednesday photography posts, Friday Podcasts (which have still been going up on podbean so you can still catch up!) and possibly updates about creative projects as well! I have a documentary I am editing as well as one in pre-production. The latter of the two may be my first feature film so I’ll have lots to post about it. I am still determined that this year will be a productive one to the end, so I’m going to try to make up for the lost month! No more late posts! Thanks to those of you who stick around and check out my stuff! Love you all!


For now, here’s the latest episode of Nostalgia 91! It’s our second episode of a full watch through of Cybersix! It’s been a ton of fun to watch so far!

Two new Nostalgia 91 Episodes!

I’ve been living in a friends basement without much access to a computer so I keep forgetting to post on the blog. But here’s the last couple weeks of episodes! We watched Invader Zim with our friend Adriean and had a lot of fun. Then we watched a favourite of Patrick’s called We All Have Tales. We got to hear two celebrities, Denzel Washington and Robin Williams, read classic folk tales. It was super interesting!

Nostalgia 91 Episode 24: Cybersix

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog even more than usual lately. Life’s coming at me pretty fast as I recently got a full time job and am in the process of moving to a new city. This has made me kind of slow down creatively for a bit since I don’t have access to my computer (I’m crashing on friends couches until I can find an apartment) so I haven’t been doing much writing, editing, or photography. The one thing I’ve managed to keep up with is the podcast, which is still being uploaded on Fridays! I’ll try to be better about posting the links here on the actual day. This week we watched a few episodes of Cybersix and it was absolutely amazing!
I published my new episode Nostalgia 91 Episode 24: Cybersix, please check it out.

The view from my walk!


I know it’s a day late but it’s here! This weeks photo! This is the view from one of my usual walking routes here in my home town. I thought it looked quite lovely on this day! As usual nature photography isn’t necessarily my forte, especially landscapes. But I thought this one turned out alright! Taken on my iPhone SE with Obscura Camera.

Lego night 2!

Again I’ve failed to post on time, but I’ve got a couple weeks worth of posts ready to go. This week, I went to another lego adult night at my local library! It was fun, but I didn’t build too much. I tried to follow a pattern from a book but I feel like the pattern wasn’t super well designed. It was supposed to be a sword in a stone, but the stone kept falling apart ’cause it was not well supported. I did take a few photos though! The basement of the library isn’t very well lit, so the photos are very grainy. Oh well!IMG_7284IMG_7297IMG_7295IMG_7294IMG_7293IMG_7291IMG_7290IMG_7289IMG_7286