New Nostalgia 91 Episodes!

I mean to post these every week, but I’m still very forgetful. So for now, here’s the newest episode! We watched “Where the Toys Come From,” a rather obscure made for TV Disney Movie. Check it out! We upload new episodes every Friday at noon!


Extra Life 2017 Photos

My friends took part in Extra Life last weekend and we managed to raise over 1,000 dollars for Children’s Miracle Network! It was a great time for a really good cause. I tried to take a few photos of everyone in our sleep deprived state as we played games for 24 hours. The lights were pretty low, but I managed to get a few I was pretty happy with. I’m starting to get a lot more confident shooting in low light conditions so I’ve been enjoying taking indoor photos quite a lot lately.


Trip to the Museum

I missed the past two weeks because life got busy and exhausting on me. I meant to post these shortly after my sister and I went to the Western Development Museum here in Saskatoon but work has been wiping me out and I just kept putting it off. I took a few pictures as we ventured through the Boomtown exhibit in the museum. This branch of the WDM is themed around the 1910s and is meant to show what life was like living in Saskatchewan in that era. There is a main street built to look like a town and a couple of separate exhibit areas, including one that’s supposed to look like a fair/carnival (hence the one picture of a freaky clown.) It was pretty dim inside the museum but I think some of these turned out pretty well. I love the old advertisements and things like that and these museums are a great place to find that kind of thing!IMG_0267IMG_0270IMG_0272IMG_0273IMG_0276IMG_0277IMG_0278IMG_0288IMG_0290

Sask Expo Cosplayers!

Last weekend was Sask Expo here in Saskatoon, and on Sunday my good friend Matt and I took some photos and talked photography. Here are some of my favourite costumes from the expo!

This is Matt talking to some friends! He’s dressed as Tintin.
An absolutely adorable Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!
Velma from Scooby Doo who was selling art in Artist’s Alley.
Two lovely ladies whose dresses I loved! The Tardis on the left, and I don’t know if the one on the right is a specific character or not.
Domino, one of my favourite mutants!
Definitely one of my favourites, Louis Tulley from Ghostbusters!
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas! I loved her basket.
Matt and a character from an Anime I’m not familiar with.
Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus!
One of a few factions of Team Skull I saw over the weekend!
An amazing couple of Hawkeyes!
Jay and Silent Bob, boom box and all!
This may have been my favourite of  the convention, a Caterpie! I thought this was so clever!
I see at least one of these ate very convention and I love them so much. San from Princess Mononoke!
A Stay-Puft Marshmallow Woman from the Saskatchewan Ghostbusters booth!
And of course Tintin, Captain America, and Black Widow!