Baghead Photos Part 1

My friend Michael and I decided it would be fun to make a creepy costume and go out to one of our favourite abandoned houses for a photo shoot last weekend. I don’t remember how we decided on the “baghead” style character. I think Michael suggested it on a whim, but either way we did it! My girlfriend helped us construct a mask out of burlap and rope and we set out to take some creepy photos!

We took a few different groups of pictures so I’m going to spread these out over a few posts. With the weather looking nice again I’m hopefully going to be getting out and taking pictures more regularly, so after this I should have some fresh stuff to post each week! For now, here’s some creepy abandoned basement pictures.



Some Personal Stuff

So I may be getting laid off from my main job soon. It’s a union gig and they’re expanding a position that will likely result in another position being phased out. Since I’m the lowest in the seniority chain that could possible result in my dismissal. It’s a bit frustrating but it’s also only fair. I could technically choose to bump one of two other employees out of their positions if this happened but that would result in my working the overnight shift which I just quit since I struggle to sleep during the day. The last time I was laid off I wound up being unemployed and stuck in my home town for quite some time and got very depressed while I was there. This time, however, I’ve been given a bit of warning and some time to plan so I think I’m handling it a bit better. It’s resulted in me deciding to make some major changes though.

I’m going to make an appointment with a therapist soon to talk through the biggest change I’m thinking of making. I want to make sure it’s the right change for me but I’m leaning pretty heavily towards it for now. And that is a bit of a shift in my career goals. I’m always going to be a writer no matter what job I wind up having. Photography and podcasting at this point are also something I’ll probably keep doing regardless of where my pay check comes from. I’ve grown a bit tired of having to work jobs that can barely give me enough hours to pay my bills, however. Working in fast food and, more recently, splitting my time between fast food and warehouse work has had be especially frustrated. One job promised me 15 hours a week and has given me that consistently. The other promised me 25 hours a week and when I quit I wasn’t even getting 10. A lot of employers seem to be preoccupied with giving their part timers the lowest amount of hours possible. I’m currently captioning online and working that 15 hour a week job and just barely managing to get by and with the risk of losing those 15 hours, I’ve decided I’d like to go back to school.

I’ve been looking into an addictions counselling course through my province’s Polytechnic college. I’ve talked to a few people about it and the general consensus is that my personality would make me a pretty good fit for a career in counselling. I’m not currently prepared to go for another full degree so I’ve chosen the addictions route because I can do that in two years and choose to transition it into a degree after I finish the diploma. I really like the idea of having a job where I can help people. I’ve always been a good listener and I think a career like this would feel a lot more fulfilling than the jobs I’ve felt stuck in for the past few years. Again, I’m hoping to talk things through with a counsellor and make sure this feels right for me. My creative work and the things I learned in my degree will always be put to use in my life, but I think it’s finally time that I got an education that gave me a bit of job security.

First Canon Photos of 2018

Between crazy work schedules and crappy weather it took me a while to get out and take some photos with my EOS M3 this year. I’m looking forward to some warmer weather and longer daylight hours. Today¬† I just stepped out for about half an hour and snapped some shots of things around my house. I’ve been exhausted by my new work schedule so just getting out and taking some pictures was a pretty big effort today, but I liked how a few of them turned out! I really loved seeing the mist on the river. I think those are my favourites from this little shoot.



1 Second Every Day 2017!

Instead of posting photos for this week, I decided to upload my One Second Every Day video of 2017! I started a separate one for creative projects which I may upload as well. This is a pretty fun project and I’ve really enjoyed doing it these past couple years. It’s fascinating how much I’ll remember about a day it an event from a one second clip.

Forgot to post.

I’ve been feeling stressed this week about work and a lack of hours at my one job, so I forgot to have a post prepared for Wednesday this week. I’ll make up for it by posting some photos on Friday! For now, here’s a link to the newest Nostalgia 91 episode! We watched Cardcaptors. The American one. Spoilers, it kinda sucked.

January 17th Instax Photos

I am a goof and forgot the photos I planned to share in Battleford, so today I resorted to the “Drive around until you find something interesting” method of photography. I drove around Saskatoon in the industrial area near where I work and brought my Instax with me. I happened upon a really cool mural on the side of a cultural events centre, and an old church. I enjoyed the fact that these two sort of contrasting images were basically next door to each other. I love street art and religious architecture, so this was a pretty serendipitous little adventure!img065img065 copy