Photos of Dusty Tucker

Once again I’m a day late! But last weekend I shot most of a short documentary I’m making called “Mike and Dusty.” It’s about my friend Michael and a friendship he’s built with a band out of Red Deer called Dusty Tucker. They were all kind enough to let me film them while they performed live music and busked, and also while they performed a show in Saskatoon. It was a super cool experience and while I was there I took some photos! These are my personal favourites, and I will of course post more about the doc as it develops!IMG_7274IMG_7259IMG_7268IMG_7273IMG_7257IMG_7255IMG_7254IMG_7253IMG_7249IMG_7245

Stuff on Redbubble!

I know I missed my ¬†photography post last week and my Thursday posts for the last couple. Honestly I think with a lot of the stuff going on I’m going to cut down on blogging to just Wednesdays with occasional extra posts on Thursdays. I’ve run in to some medical issues that have taken up some extra time/exhausted me a bit so I’m going to take it easy for now. With the podcast happening every week and trying to find work elsewhere life’s kind of chaotic and finding a regular schedule is difficult. I’m still concentrating on the photography though, and I finished that documentary I’ve been working on! I’ll post it in a few minutes! For the time being I haven’t had time to take photos yet this week, but I did recently start putting my pictures on RedBubble. You can get some of my work printed on shirts, mugs, phone cases, and even postcards or art prints. All sorts of cool stuff! So check it out and share it around if you can! The products are super good quality and your support would be very appreciated! I’m going to go for a walk and take a camera with me, so I may have some new stuff to post tonight. For now, check out my RedBubble page!

Some photos from our Easter Podcast!

While we were recording the Easter episode of Nostalgia 91 I took a few photos of the eggs we were decorating. They were plastic and designed to be drawn on with chalk. If you listen to the podcast you can hear me realizing that we accidentally bought sidewalk chalk we didn’t need as we discovered the eggs came with ¬†their own. It was a fun little craft to do so I thought I’d share the pictures!IMG_0439QPYZ6729QNVX3402NKNI6874HGXK1171EXPO8065

Nostalgia 91 Easter Special!

We decided to record an Easter special on the podcast this week! Our friend Nekoda grew up Jehova’s Witness and didn’t have the same Easter traditions as us when she was younger. So we surprised her with her first ever Easter egg hunt and talked about what Easter was like for us as children.